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we are specifically looking for clothing
sizes 8 and larger from new consignors
please note our current limit for new consignors dropping off is 20 items
  1. Policies and Procedures: Please read through all of our consignment policies on this page and our CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT. Make a list of the items you plan to bring to be considered for consignment. These items should be in new, like-new, or in excellent condition. As well, items must be in season, clean and neatly folded in a reusable shopping bag (like those found at Home Goods etc, no garbage/ paper/ grocery bags please). We may need to keep the bag. Please consider bringing a second bag to bring home any rejected items.

  2. Schedule: Make sure we are currently accepting drop offs by checking our CONSIGNMENT SCHEDULE.

  3. Consignment Agreement: Before you drop off, we ask that you fill out the AGREEMENT. If we don't have a consignor agreement from you, we won't be able to make a consignment account for you. 

  4. Drop Off: Come into the store with your items to be considered for consignment. Please note that there is a 20 item limit for new consignors, so only bring your best stuff. We will do our best to accommodate your drop off, but please understand that if the store is too busy with customers, we may not allow you to drop off. You can always call ahead to check on our availability. Your drop off should take about 15 minutes. We ask that you give us some space to look through your items. Should we have questions about an item, we will ask. This is a good time to shop around a little! We will carefully select items based on their condition, style, desirability of brand, and season. Please understand that sometimes there may be items that we decline or will not be able to sell. We do not take consignment on weekends, or within 30 minutes of opening or closing on any day without prior approval. Reach out to us to discuss a weekend, or late afternoon drop off. Our hours are up to date here and we will always post on social media if we plan to open late, close early etc.

    • Shipping Consignment: Before you ship your items please make sure you've emailed us a list of the items you're planning to send, and have filled out our CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT. After getting confirmation from us (if it's your first time shipping consignment) ship your items, with tracking, to Wish, 80 Thames St, Newport RI 02840. Please share tracking details with us via email so we know when to expect your items. Items consigned via mail that are rejected or do not sell are not currently eligible for return to the consignor unless you pick them up in person within 30 days of the End Date (same as our standard consignment policy regarding Expired Items). If you have specific questions about this policy or your items, please let us know. To have a better idea if an item will be accepted for consignment, consider sending us photos of your items for consideration.

  5. Start Date/End Date: On your Start Date (within one month of your drop off, but usually quicker) you’ll receive an email from us with a list of your consigned items including their initial prices and their End Date. 

  6. Pay Outs: Check on your account as often or infrequently as you like. Shop with your store credit at any time and receive 10% off your purchase or request to be paid out by check. Check Requests must be made through our website and by the 5th of the month to receive a check on the 15th of the month. (More details on this can be found in your CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT)

  7. End Date/Expiration/PickUp Period: As your End Date approaches, please make a plan to come pick up your unsold items if you'd like to reclaim them. You have 30 days after your End Date to pick up unsold items before they become expired and therefore property of wish. You can request your unsold items by filling out our RECLAIM UNSOLDS form when your End Date is approaching. We will email you when those items are gathered and ready for pickup. We ask that you allow us at least 30 minutes to gather your unsold items. 

  8. Questions? Most questions you may have about consigning can be found on our FAQs page, but you can always ask!

Please note that we do have a consignment limit per dropoff.

20 items for new consignors | 2 bags for existing consignors

(we really like the re-usable shoppers from Home Goods etc) 

View our Consignment Schedule.


Women's clothing, shoes and accessories. We carry activewear to eveningwear.

The best way to get an idea of what we carry in terms of brand, style and condition is to come shop around in the store or take a look at our online shop and social media.

Have questions? We are always happy to help!

a note about mini wish and mr. wish

although you may see children's and men's items in our store or here on our website, please understand that they are very small departments in our store and are not accepting new consignors for either category at this time.

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