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Back in February...

photo may 29 2023, 7 26 13 pm.jpg

These durable colorful totes were carefully chosen with our wish customer's in mind by Margarita aka "Margo" herself in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Being that she is better at being carried in the bags, than carrying the bags, she needed a bit of help from me. The perfect bag for carrying Margarita, or all the fixings to make margaritas, but more likely the necessities for a beach day. A true family affair, as are most of many of my wish antics, mama wish, (aka my mom Cindy) was visiting during this time and was tasked with double checking the workmanship of each bag. After all the bags were selected, mr wish (my husband Tyler) and I started picking out the tassels from a neighborhood artisan a few at a time. He checked stitching, and I chose colors to match the bags we'd already secured. All this took place while spending time with my in-laws at their home in PV this past winter.

Anyway, we hope you love this collection of bags as much as we do!

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