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WINDOW: February 14, 2022

POPS OF PINK AND RED: Writing to you from sunny and 78º Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on my in-laws patio. (Sorry in advance for those of you at home in Newport, though I hear there was some lovely weather over the weekend). I managed to sneak in a window display change before I left but haven't had a chance to add everything to the site and finish writing this post (3 distracted days in the making). Thinking of this window as "Valentine's Day Light" with mostly blues and grays but pops of red, pink and a couple valentine's motifs.

I've learned that as much as I love working for myself, and usually by myself, I do sometimes need to feel like a part of something.

In case you missed it, I explained my winter schedule here and here in a bit more detail but I'm down in Mexico until the last week of the month. The store will re-open Friday February 25th. I wrote a post on my personal instagram a few days back about this but taking the time in January to work in a different capacity than Wish was something I didn't know I needed until I was in it. I've learned that as much as I love working for myself, and usually by myself, I do sometimes need to feel like a part of something i.e. working with a team, for a common goal. Before I ever had Wish, this is what I was doing. Working for racing sailboats managing some logistics, cooking meals for the team(s), designing and ordering crew gear (now doing this part on the side since Spring 2021 with Mr. Wish upstairs at 80 Thames. see: The String Drop) and a heck of a lot of making sure nothing fell through the cracks. This is what I was doing in January in Florida and will be doing for a handful of days in March, and most likely at least a week in May. I've said it before, but I sincerely appreciate your patience as Wish changes and grows and I find a new normal. Wish is definitely hiring, so if you or someone you know is looking for work and loves what we do here at Wish, absolutely reach out!

With Valentine's Day this month, I wanted to focus on some of the cute pink and red items we currently have in the shop (even though I wasn't going to be open, the online store is always open and I know many of you and my neighbors like to see what's in the window). This pink funnelneck coat on the right had to be included, although it's not in the best condition so I didn't want to list it for sale on the site, but it's J. Crew Factory and. a size 4 if you're interested.

These three items just had to be highlighted. From left to right, J. Crew Lips Sweater (marked a size Large, but shown here on a mannequin that is approximately a size 6 but I think it would look just as good, though a bit tighter fitting, on a size 10), Subtle Luxury Amour Sweater (marked "S/M" but would realistically fit a smaller Large too, it's a nice thin cashmere cotton blend) and Kokun Cashmere Heart Infinity Scarf (soft thick cashmere in a fun neon and gray heart motif).

I rounded out those iconically Valentine's motifs with these kind of whimsy bright winter pieces. This Joie Puff Sleeve Sweater will be just as versatile in the spring as it's a thinner knit. I love it paired with this pink tweed mini but it would be great with your favorite pair of jeans too. This cardigan from Hill House Home is absolute girly perfection, and originally retailed for $175, but we have it in like new, unworn, condition for just under $100. Lastly, I paired this fun striped J. Crew Perfect Turtleneck Tee with these beautifully classic Escada Micro-Cord Wide Leg Pants in very deep navy blue.

For a closer look at all the styled outfits, slide right through the photos below. To shop all items in the window on the same page, head to Window Shopping.

To jump directly to the page of a specific item, click on the thumbnail below. To shop all the items in the window in one spot, go to Window Shopping. To see or shop another window display, scroll through or search all blog posts.

I spend so much time styling the window in the shop and hear from all of you how much you love it. I know many of you aren't in Newport in general so you're used to enjoying our Window content on Instagram and Facebook but I always feel like they should have a more permanent place online. Use code: FEB15 for 15% off your online purchase now thru February 28. Hope you enjoyed it too and maybe you even find something you love!

What other topics, items or sizes would you like to see on the Blog?

xo Kate

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