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WINDOW: January 8, 2022

WINTER NEUTRALS: I'm just going to come out and say it in case you've missed it.

Mr. Wish and I contracted Covid after Christmas. Seems like everyone has been exposed or infected in the last couple weeks...

I said goodbye to the virus and goodbye to the Christmas decor this week. I usually feel like taking down the holiday decor is bittersweet but this year just felt like a good cleaning. Out with the glitter and mini Christmas trees and in with some cozy winter neutrals, though I did leave the star lights up. Seems like the way the winter is going, a little extra light couldn't hurt.

Anyway, as the first blog post of 2022, I thought I'd better do some thanking, reflecting and projecting. Firstly, thank you to each and every one of you that supported Wish in 2021. I've been at this for nearly 6 years and although 2019 is still my best year on record, 2021 proved to be so so much better than 2020, thank god. We sold more online than ever before, reached heaps of new customers, and although I'd like to go back to being open more days, and maybe longer days too, I now know that I can have this business successfully by myself as I had really just the occasional helper in the store this year. Would you like to see Wish go back to 7 days a week? Let me know in the comments. I think I'd like to find a balance. After all, isn't that what we are all searching for?

Just a bit of a scheduling note, after this weekend, we will be closing for our winter's nap. Later than we'd planned and a bit jumbled thanks to the virus but we ultimately decided that it was still the best choice for me and Mr. Wish to close the store for about a month with a trip back to Newport in the middle. I'll be back at the very end of January (1/31 or 2/1) to change out the window, write a February blog post, ship or arrange pick up of any online orders, and arrange some winter consignment pick up. After a couple days of that, Mr. Wish and I will head to see my in-laws in Mexico, which was supposed to be after Christmas and the first half of January, before a sailing commitment in Florida, but Covid ran a muck in all our plans. Thank you for your patience as customers and consignors during the insanity that is all small businesses since March 2020. Covid and having Mr. Wish's only immediate family living in a foreign country has not been an easy combination, and we haven't seen my in-laws since we left there mid-January 2021. During the winter's nap, I also catch up on paperwork, edit and update our website and consignment contract, among other 'winter projects' that are things I think of over the year that get pushed to the back burner.

Okay, onto the clothes!

I styled more outfits featuring jeans than I ordinarily do for the window, but I think that's just what I was craving after all the (beautiful) fuss of the holiday window. I personally like that the cardigan as a shirt trend seems to be sticking around this winter, this slightly cropped cable knit one from a boutique brand I wasn't familiar with, Fashion On Earth, was just too cute. And speaking of cute, how adorable are these jeans from Something Navy with the self-tie bows on the hips?!

Another current favorite from Something Navy in the shop is this cashmere and silk lounge set, which would've been perfect for the snowy Friday we are having here today. It's marked and XS, but the mannequin is more like a tall size 4/6 so I think as is true with most loungewear, the fit is forgiving. Somehow these Ugg boots are still available! They're got the sweetest little tassel ties on the back and are in excellent condition, especially for the color. On the right here is a matching set from Rachel Zoe, but we are selling the striped sweater and the faux suede leggings separately.

For a closer look at all the styled outfits, slide right through the photos below. To shop all items in the window on the same page, head to Window Shopping.

To jump directly to the page of a specific item, click on the thumbnail below. To shop all the items in the window in one spot, go to Window Shopping. To see or shop another window display, scroll through or search all blog posts.

I spend so much time styling the window in the shop and hear from all of you how much you love it. I know many of you aren't in Newport in general so you're used to enjoying our Window content on Instagram and Facebook but I always feel like they should have a more permanent place online. Use code: JAN15 for 15% off your online purchase now thru January Hope you enjoyed it too and maybe you even find something you love! What other topics, items or sizes would you like to see on the Blog? xo Kate

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