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WINDOW : MAR. 4, 2021

GREEN! It's been a year since Newport cancelled the 2020 St. Patrick's Day Parade and this year's celebration will not go on "as usual" either. Yet, when I asked you all in a poll on Instagram Stories if you still wanted to see a green window for March, 85% of you said yes, give me the green! So here it is:

Usually, whatever that means anymore, this green window would be heavy on the outerwear and cream cable knit sweaters for wearing on parade day. Maybe those of you that voted for the green did so because it's optimistic for the future. Or maybe because it's tradition.

The window is little springier than the weather this week but I think we are all looking forward to warmer weather and hopeful for a reason to get dressed for real. Hoping for a mild March that makes it easy to try on skirts and dresses, or at least light cashmere and flats without the need for socks or Uggs. Getting dressed in something like this CK Bradley Maxi Skirt and Wolford Button Down Bodysuit would be a dream come true at this point in life that is 2020/2021.

But, I think my favorite outfit in the window is the J.Crew Gingham Jumpsuit that I paired with a Michael Stars Turtleneck so it can be worn much earlier in the season than by itself. I tucked the sweater into the belt and folded it over to create a more cropped look.

For a closer look at all the styled outfits, slide right through the photos below. To shop all items in the window on the same page, head to Window Shopping.

To jump directly to the page of a specific item, click on the thumbnail below. To shop all the items in the window in one spot, go to Window Shopping. To see or shop another window display, scroll through or search all blog posts.

Which is your favorite outfit? Don't forget to wear green on March 17th, even though you can't get pinched over zoom it still seems like good luck. I know I don't have to tell you that any extra luck seems like a good idea these days.

I spend so much time styling the window in the shop and hear from all of you how much you love it. This year so many of you aren't able to stop by and get a closer look like you usually would. And I know many of you aren't in Newport in general so you're used to enjoying our Window content on Instagram and Facebook but I always feel like they should have a more permanent place online. Hope you enjoyed it too and maybe you even find something you love! As a thank you for supporting wish, which you do each time you come to our website, stop in, shop online, flip through our social media, tell a friend about us, etc. I'd like to give you a little discount on the items you saw and read about in this post. So now through March 15th, use code 2NDBLOG for 15% off ONE ITEM. Would you like to see more outfits on our website to match the window display? I'm specifically thinking about a range of sizes even though the mannequins only fit a small range. Let me know in the comments!



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